Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Good to be French..

Top reasons why it's great to be French

  • Yet to experience the joy of winning the world cup for the first time

  • You get to eat insect food like snails and frog's legs

  • If there's a war you can surrender really early

  • You don't have to read the subtitles on those late night films on Channel 4.

  • You can test your own nuclear weapons in other people's countries

  • You can be ugly and still become a famous film star

  • Allow Germans to march up and down your most famous street humiliating your sense of national pride

  • People think you're a great lover even when you're not

    Awesome aint't it :D sorry if this offended some people it's just a joke!


    1. I loled at the first one right away

    2. After the movie Delta Force came out Chuck Norris made a trip to France. Upon his arrival, everyone surrendered... Just to be on the safe side. fucking french people. Supportin!

    3. funny blog. following and showing <3 on the reg now.

    4. Do the pros really outweight the cons? xD. Just supportin/followin ya' bro. Feel free to support me ass-well! - Treekuza


    5. hahaha gotta love french people :P

    6. Yay French jokes. Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)